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R4 Card

Games have always been a part of peoples lives, be it babies, teenagers, adults or grandparents. More recently there is an increasing demand for computer games amongst people. The advancement of technology has allowed many new games to become available on the market and luckily many of these have remained affordable. For example the latest introduction to the Nintendo DS family - The R4 DS card. This card allows you watch movies, play music or even read an e-book all from your current DS console. It has top of the slot flash card technology and adapters. It is the size of your existing memory card yet allows you to do so much more - including drag and drop files to make the transfer of your files so much easier. It is being marketed as the easy to use, friendly full solution for Nintendo DS owners. There is also a version available for the Nintendo DSi. 

The files that you need are stored on a micro SD memory card which you then insert into the R4 Card. You will need to purchase your own micro SD card separately and the size of this is down to personal preference. With your R4 pack you will get the R4 card, a micro card readers and a protective card case. TO get the best results possible from your R4 card they do recommended that you get the highest capacity micro SD card that you can. 

Some handy information to be aware of is that to use the R4 card version 2, you will need to have a micro SD or the micro SDHC card. If your micro card storage is more than 2GB, you can probably choose the R4 card version 3 adaptor; this version of the card has 4GB memory and allows you delete or add files for further usage. 

Currently there are offers available with some online stores that will give you a trial period on R4 cards, however some will online refund if the product is faulty. If you card is not part of a trial and you return it, most will check that it is actually faulty and not just take your word for it. To make full use of your card you should have some know how on how to download files. Some stores will give you basic instructions or help on this if you ask them for assistance. All in all though the R4 card is simply, user friendly and very easy to use. Once it is up and running on your DS you will be able to use your DS for playing movies, listening to music or reading an e-book, which is far more than you can do with your games console now. Prices have remained competitive so now is a great time to get your hands on one of these must have gadgets of the year!