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R4i SDHC Card

The R4i card works exactly like the R4 Card and slots into the slot 1 where you previously would have insert DSi or DSi XL games cartridges. Before purchasing an R4i Card you should decide on what type is most suitable for your needs. Obviously the larger the card the more you can store, most users are happy with 4GB Micro SDHC which we offer bundled with the R4i Card. All our R4i cards support the latest Micro SDHC cards which allow you store up to 32GB easily enough for your whole media library. 

Without a memory card the R4i SDHC Card is useless as it will not be able to store any files so it is recommended that you have Micro SD memory card ready or you purchase one from us here. About the size of a traditional phone SIM card the Micro SD is tiny and you can connect it to your PC using the supplied memory card reader which slots into the USB port usually located on the front of your PC.

The great this about the R4i Card is the constant updates from the R4i team, these ensure your DSi and DSi XL console always works with the Nintendo firmware and you can continue using your R4i. The updates are sometimes as often as monthly and can be easily found on the manufacturers' website (can all be found in the included instructions). 

A whole new world of media can be experienced with the R4i , many users now even use their consoles as eBook readers thanks to the R4i Card alone and have saved themselves huge amount that they would have to invest in a new eBook reader. If you have r4i card it will equip you with space for backups. There are two different versions of the r4i card available with us. The r4i version is provided with technical specification to compliment the Nintendo Ds and the Ds lite. The other version of the card, r4i, compliments the Dsi lite. Our customers will get both these versions along with bundled memory cards. 

This is how r4i card works: 

With a micro SD memory card you can keep backups of all your important files. Use a micro SD memory card reader in order to connect the micro SD memory card with your system. After getting connected, you will have to follow some simple steps to download the r4i software onto the micro SD memory card and this will make the r4i functional. If you are unable understand the process, YouTube has some excellent videos on the topic to help you. 

Micro SD cards are easily available: 

If you make a purchase of a R4I card from us you will get the memory card included in the package. The card provides you with sufficient storage for multimedia files like music, videos, photos, etc. The r4i card will enable you to get entertained on the move. You can easily transfer media files if you connect the micro SD memory card with your PC and get your files copied in the r4i card. Many people wonder why the Nintendo Ds console does not support external memory cards such as the Micro SD or SDHC, which as many users would agree would significantly improve the console. Well this is one of the main reasons why the R4i was introduced into the market. Using the R4i you can attach either a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to the NDS or NDSi console and use it to backup games you own or playback new types of files that that your console previously did not support. With the R4i you can add a Micro SD or SDHC memory card and the R4i supports capacities up to 32GB, meaning you can store hours of entertainment on a single disk, enough in fact to easily store your entire media library.

Homebrew games for the DS console have played a key role in the success of the R4, as users are unable to playback these games without the R4. Homebrew games can be developed by anyone and are available for download on the internet for free in most cases. This means you now have access to thousands of new titles, which previously would have been unavailable to users. Without a doubt the R4i has to be one of the top accessories currently on the market for the Nintendo Ds and DSi console. With support for the latest firmware from Nintendo also.


The R4i is changing the way DSi and DSi XL console users around the world use their consoles. With the R4i you can completely transform your console from the simple slot 1 gaming device that it was designed as into a fully fledged and advanced media device, capable of replacing a whole range of media devices with one simple to use device. The R4i fits into slot 1 on the Nintendo console, where you previously would have stored your game carts and is also backwards compatible with the DS and DS lite consoles of earlier years. With the R4i your future gaming and entertainment needs can be catered for as the constant updates from the R4i team ensure the device continues working well into the future and working just as you had intended it to.

The R4i supports the latest in flash memory technology, with support for Micro SDHC memory cards you can store up to a wonderful 32GB of data as well as having the ability to carry around more than one memory card, ideal if you plan on interchanging the cards you use. The possibilities are endless with the R4. The slot 1 compatibility of the R4i means that there is no messing around with messy software or cables that may be needed with other types of consoles, the R4i is just a simple plug and play device taking under 5 minutes to setup and begin using. 

Using the r4i you can download and playback a wide range of media files on the Nintendo dsi or dsi xl console, many of which were previously unavailable on the ndsi or ndsi xl console. The R4i simply put is an adapter that attaches to the dsi console and allows you to add either a Micro SD or SDHC memory card, depending on the your preference, once connected to your console you can transfer files over and play them back, any files which you play on your PC can be played back on the dsi console thanks to the slot 1 r4i. Without a doubt the r4i is a must have for anyone serious about their dsi and wishing to get the most that it has to offer. Using this tiny device you can add a wide range of new options to the console, opening up a wide range of possibilities to the dsi console user. To begin with the r4i is not just an adapter, it also allows you to playback new file types, such as music, movies, photos and even eBooks thanks to the latest updates from the r4i team. 

R4i Variants

There are two main types of R4i that we offer, the R4i and R4i 3DS. As the name suggest one is made for the Nintendo DSi console and the other is made for the Nintendo 3DS console. Both devices are slot 1 meaning they fit into the game slot on your console. If you own a DS, DS lite, DSi or DSi XL you can use the R4i SDHC card which is also fully backwards compatible with all older console. It also supports the latest firmware from Nintendo meaning you do not have to worry about keeping up to date with the latest card, this one works fine with all consoles! The R4i SDHC is manufactured by the R4i team who provide constant updates and upgrades for the card, meaning you can stay in touch with the latest features available. 

For those who own a Nintendo 3DS console there is the R4i 3DS, this card released specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, features the newest flashcard technology and supports the latest memory cards allowing you to store huge amounts of data for use on the go. Like the R4i SDHC, the R4i 3DS is also fully backwards compatible with older Nintendo DS console, ideal should you want to use it on an older console you may have at home.

R4i DSi

The R4i Card is a slot 1 device designed specifically for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL console users. Without a doubt it has to be the most important accessory for the Ds console and allows users to attach a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to their console. The R4i Card features the latest in flashcard technology and supports the latest memory cards, offering capacities of up to 32GB on a single device, roughly half the size of a small stamp. The user interface on the R4i Card has been designed to allow you to easily access media files and games on the go and with ease. It has been designed to be suited to the most technical and least technical people alike. With the R4i Card you can also playback homebrew games. These games can be found on the internet in their thousands and have can be developed and downloaded by anyone for free. This allows you access thousands more titles for free and without the need to rely on those in the shops. 

The R4i Card team who were the creators of the R4i Card provide constant updates for the device, ensuring it is always up to date with the latest Nintendo firmware and works flawlessly. They also release performance updates which allow you to play games faster and reduce loading times.


The R4i is a seen by many around the world as one of the most important additions to the ndsi and ndsi xl consoles from Nintendo. The R4i combines the latest in flashcard technology and that of flash memory technology to bring you a tiny device that is roughly the same size as one of the original games cartridges for the ndsi console. With the R4i you can attach either a Micro SD or SDHC memory card, allowing you to easily transfer files from your PC onto the memory card which can then be inserted into your console. The R4i works with the latest firmware from Nintendo which at the moment is v1.4.3 but will continue to be updated by the r4i team well into the future, we expect v2 and v3 updates coming in the coming months. With support for up to 32GB of data on a single Micro SD or SDHC memory card you can store thousands of photos, videos, music tracks or even eBooks depending on what takes your fancy. There is no limit to what you can do with the Nintendo dsi console, you need not be reliant on the Nintendo ds console's regular features, and you can also benefit from those other features that the r4i brings. 

Finally the R4i support homebrew games, these games works exactly like any other regular ds game but you can find them online for free. These games are generally smaller and have been developed as the name would suggest 'at home', meaning anyone who is able to develop ds games can and then release them to the general public online. This has opened up ds console user's choice of games to thousands of more titles and most importantly they can be downloaded and played for free. 

The R4i SDHC is renowned as a wonderful device for the Nintendo dsi and dsi xl consoles, with the r4i you can add a micro sd or sdhc memory card, with capacities up to 32GB to the dsi or dsi xl console. By adding a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to the Nintendo dsi console you can playback music and movies on your console, which means you can now not only game on the dsi console but playback media files, just like you would on your PC. Without doubt adding a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to your dsi console will vastly expand the gaming possibilities.