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The R4 Card for DS

For many years now, man has sought to develop and enjoy various forms of gaming entertainment. Today’s sophisticated games didn’t just begin this way. Innovations, adaptations and mutations have taken the gaming industry to where it is now. It started from little hand held black and white game devices back in the days. Then we advanced to hand held games that offered a bit of color, and then game consoles that players needed to attach to their televisions.

Next came the set of games that could be installed on the computer and then the present new generation of game consoles that offered more graphic quality and overall game value. Through these years various gaming accessories have been produced to enhance the value we can get from our games. One example of such useful enhancement is the set of R4 cards such as the R4i, R4i sdhc, R4i gold, R4 3ds and R4i cards.

The R4 cards bring a whole new level of features and functions to your Nintendo game console and have made the console even more popular.  The R4 cards use a system of integrating a micro SD memory card to the game console so that memory used by the game is now increased. The R4 card itself is more like a smart card with useful boot data and storage capacity and it fits into your Nintendo through the usual DSI 1 slot where you insert your cartridges.

In the past the first version of R4 cards used a sort of two-prong system. Back then the storage device was slotted into Nintendo’s DSI slot 2 and the boot data was slotted into the slot 1. In time Nintendo made some upgrades and the manufacturers of the various types of R4 cards also made some adaptations. Today, the boot data and storage capacity has been combined into one. You insert a micro SD card into the R4 smart card and that acts as the storage. When you insert the modern R4 card into slot 1, the boot data automatically allows you access compatible files in the SD card.

The introduction of R4 cards such as the R4i, R4i sdhc, R4i gold, R4 3ds and R4i cards have given the Nintendo users community an enhanced way to enjoy their game console. With these smart cards they can now store music, games, videos and photos on the SD card using a computer and micro SD card reader, and then access it via their Nintendo. This has greatly increased user value and that is why the cards have become so popular.

Another great function of R4 cards is you can go online on the internet to get even more content. With your expanded memory you can download and store more games, music, photos and videos onto your memory card in the R4. The R4 card is certainly a useful card to have around. There are several versions of the card available with more recent models offering advanced features and loading speed. When purchasing your R4 card you need to be sure to get a quality card that is compatible with your Nintendo console from a reputable R4 dealer.